Membership Prices

Come join us all year round!  We’ve got some great deals on memberships with lots of plans to suit your needs and your budget.

Daily PassesNew to climbing and want to test the walls a bit? Daily passes are the perfect option for climbers who are just getting started or those who plan on climbing less than 6 times a month.  

Adult individual (18+):   $11.00

Youth  (Under 14):  $9.00

One-Month Membership—Getting hooked? Our one-month memberships are great for those looking to put some serious hours into leveling up their climbing game.

Single Month

Adult:  $60.00

Student:  55.00

Youth:  $35.00

Yearly MembershipsIt’s official: you’ve caught the climbing bug and are as hooked as we are. Take advantage of our yearly memberships, which offer the most bang for your buck so you can spend less and climb more.

Adult:  $450.00


1st person: $450

2nd person: $333

3rd+ person: $180

Gear RentalsDon’t have your own gear yet? We’ve got you covered.

Shoes: $4.00

Chalk: $2.00

Gear Package (shoes and chalk): $5.00

Gear Package (memberships–1 month): $15.00